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Charcoal Foundation, Bongora.

      Pratibha, comes from the paradisiacal Andaman Islands of India, shifted to Delhi with wonderful dreams and high creative spirits.

      She is an Artist, Art educator, Nature lover and a frequent traveller. She graduated from the covetted Rabindranath Tagore's foundation- Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan ,West Bengal.

      She believes in hard work and has even proved herself at so many times through her dedication and intellect in different projects. She believes in contributing towards society in any manner possible. Despite going through tough times in life, she always stood strong and came out stronger than before.

      Her passion and dedication towards life and work has created a spark to establish Charcoal Foundation.

Words from our Founder Pratibha Sarkar –


      I (Pratibha) founded the Charcoal Foundation- BONGORA in 2017 with the vision of promoting new talented artists, Enhance Indian Art and culture, health, education, scholarship, girl child safety and Education, etc.

      We are hopeful that through this foundation we will able to give back to this society to the best of our abilities!

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