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Charcoal Foundation Bongora is feeling exceedingly happy to announce a unique International Live Performance Art Show, ‘ Ginseng’!

You are cordially invited to experience the live performances from  across the globe, virtually as well as physically -

On 2nd & 3rd October 2021,
From 11 AM to 6PM (IST),
At Zorba-The Buddha, Delhi.


Experiencing performance art is like consuming Ginseng for various health purposes. Ginseng is a herb - a slow-growing plant with fleshy roots with antiviral properties, which may restore and enhance well-being. People take Ginseng to heal various medical conditions. Ginseng has the power to improve thinking processes and cognition. Ginseng has anti-inflammatory effects and can reduce oxidative stress. Ginseng has the power to treat impotence as well as many other physical and mental health conditions such as blood sugar and influenza etc. Ginseng may help stimulate physical and mental activity in people who feel weak and tired, however, scientists and health professionals often question the medicinal properties of Ginseng and no evidence, but the real-time consumption, which can conclude about its true effectiveness. Although Ginseng is safe to consume, people have reported the following side effects such as headache, sleep issues, digestive problems, changes to blood pressure & blood sugar, diarrhoea, rapid heartbeat, skin reactions and so on, therefore, there always has been an uncertainty, an irony, a paradox and a juxtaposition.

The show title, ‘Ginseng’, actually represents the perception and the reception of Performance Art’ in general, while the show embodies the content and the flavours of Ginseng virtually. The idea of this unusual show originated from looking at the current scenario of Performance Art in India itself, especially at the times of COVID-19 where the gathering of the audience has been restricted, where the live performance artists had to adopt to do performance on virtual platforms which is quite challenging since live performance is incomplete without the presence of the physical audience and their participation to a great extend.

As Ginseng is the herb for energy and healing, performance art is the herb to experience the Ginseng effects; pleasant or unpleasant, soothing or disturbing, both, for the performance artists, as well as for the audience!
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We are proud to introduce you to our Ginseng performance artist Ms. Dagmar I. Glausnitzer - Smith, who will be performing live from Germany at the Ginseng show. 


Let's know more about her in her own words...


"I am Artist, Curator, Organizer of International Performance Events and Performance Art Workshops, Initiator of Networks in the international Performance Art Section, 15 Years Senior Lecturer at Kingston University London


Performance Art since 1992 London, early desires to investigate sites, locations in relationship to objecthood (the question of object) and space.

In those days London offered immense possibilities open spaces and their explorations, examining the made and its transportation/logistics/ between temporary floors, site-specific places and the Public. 


A journey which led me to the question of ‘foreigness’ and its cultural-psychological implications based on understanding myself in the world.

The complexities and each object, collected or created or lost, narrated and listed, absent or present, even as metaphor, has its own place in relation to the -one- located right next to it. This also a pointer towards the talk about the LIVE event, when the space becomes the work and the question how relationships begin to shape when artist is next to artist is next to artist is next to the viewer. Where is the Art Work?


Werftraum and the fabricating imaginary experiences as a compensation for a supposed loss of memory in designated, invented vocabulary. Or invented location models where relics of experiences may be found.


I am observing how these relationships begin their own dynamic play, and I am in constant process of testing their references. I am following the call for what they “are in their appearances“  and the speculation of their potential “trueness” (as Dasein), their philosophical annotations. Researching a language on the threshold of thought and a literary compound which uses familiar terms however withdraws its function as meaning, slowly, reclining towards an invented and imagined context.  

Installations orchestrated with spaces and material as object together with Live Performances."


Here we proudly introduce our another Ginseng Performance Artist, Mr. Anupam Saikia.


Anupam Saikia is a Visual Artist working with a multidisciplinary approach which is based in  Guwahati, Assam. 

Anupam is a Prolific Painter, along with approximate eight years of experience in Performance Art.  He is practicing Performance as mediums exploring new areas, method, exploration with time and context. His live actions and exhibitions have taken place in Basel/Switzerland, Malmo, Sweden, Pan Asia/Korea, Istanbul Performance art’s Platform, Bangladesh, and many places/Galleries in India. He has been participating as a performance artist at Kochi Biennale 2016, Morni Hills Performance Art Biennale II 2018, Kolkata International Performance Art Festival (KIPAF) since 2016 and working as an Associate curator at KIPAF since 2019. Indeed. He has successfully finished a Performance project cum residence, Srinagar Biennale Basel - Artist in Residence at Basel, Switzerland in 2018. He was a part of the project “the earth is still going around the Sun” the third edition of Curatorial Intensive South Asia (CISA), KHOJ in partnership with Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhaban at India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi.  


 *About his practice - In Anupam Saikia's own words :* 

“Art is a tool to purify myself”. Through the process I try to release negativity within me, that process enhances theatricality that enhances surrealistic genre. To explore this anxietude of socio-political narrative including the self anxiety always keeps changing, which creates  trouble at times and at times creates happiness, pain, tension, alienation, void, fear, incompleteness,  melancholy and indeed curiosity.  

Through the visuals or images of my work and performances I have tried to showcase the nature of fear, violence and “frame of isolation” in between surroundings camouflage in our psychology juxtaposing images in the painting surface or in my performances which carry  different narratives coming from my past, sometimes the knowledge of art history and include  mundane experience. Also being an Assamese I would like to relate my Assam’s experiences in the recent global developments.

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We are proud to introduce our Ginseng performance artist Ms. Jhuma Kundu who belongs to the beautiful state of West Bengal, Kolkata where art is celebrated in various forms in every household.


"I am Jhuma Kundu, a Ceramic artist as well as a Performing artist from Kolkata (India).

I have studied toward a Master's degree in Fine Arts at the Ecole Superieure Des Beaux Arts as

an exchange program student in Angers (France) and completed a Master's degree at Viswa

Bharati University, India, with a specialisation in Ceramics and Glass Design."


I’m Rajesh, a Delhi-based Artist. I have done my BFA from the College Of Art, Delhi and MFA from Kurukshetra University. Now I’m pursuing my second masters in performance studies from Ambedkar University. I have participated in several workshops. I have been an artist in residence for one month at Dubai Art Hub recently. My works are based on nature and plastic. I am doing performances on this subject also. I have performed at Chitkara University, World University of Design, etc., and several international online performance workshops. My performances are the narratives from my visual artworks. Apart from this subject I use hair as a metaphor and using my body in the performances on how human has evolved the over the period of time. 


I have exhibited my work at AIFACS and Habitat Center (2012-13), Hungarian Culture Center (2014), Dhoomimal Art Gallery Annual Show(2015), Goa Mini Print Exhibition (2015), Atelier, New Delhi (2016), Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi (2016) and Kochi Muziris Student Biennale (2016-17), in addition to others


Pragati Dalvi Jain is an emerging artist from Bangalore who explores contemporary ideas of identity while respecting the technical mastery necessary to achieve her artistic goals. She has a deep fascination in exploring the mystery and expressiveness of painting in all its guises. Her accomplishments have been recognised by Harvard University where Pragati has been a Visiting Artist Fellow at the Lakshmi Mittal and Family South Asia Institute. She was also a resident artist at Stiftung Futur Foundation, Switzerland, while recipient to many awards in the last 12 years of her career. 


Pragati has explored various forms of artistic expression in performance, photography and installation work which have raised questions about modern living: loss, uncertainty, the temporary nature of life, strength and fragility. Her perennial questions swirl around connection and disconnection in contemporary society: how emotional experience is shared with another, what it means to be human in the modern urban world and what it means to be a woman (especially in 21st Century India).


Pragati refers to a Chinese proverb, “Better to be a dog in peaceful times, than to be a human in a chaotic period.” 


Doesn’t it seem that in today’s turbulent era history is being made? As if we are in the classic epoch of trouble and the ideas of insecurity, uncertainty, duplicity, acrimony and conflicted interests are constantly fed into the collective conscience, in order to establish a divisive society? It is in these tumultuous times that I wish to raise the quintessential questions through my work “where to draw the line”. What is acceptable and what isn’t? Does there have to be segregation on rational grounds, or on the relative cognizance?


My work draws attention to such prevailing conflicts in civilised  societies these days. Where each one of us has similar aspirations, dreams, struggle and persistent ideas of practicing equality.

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We are happy to introduce our UK based artist Indira Lakshmi who has no limits when it comes to her love for her art. Sound, Sculptor, Performance, you name it.


Indira Lakshmi is a multi-disciplinary artist born in Coventry, UK. Formally trained as a sculptor, she now works across mediums of sound, performance, sculpture, drawing and other digital explorations. Her work is primarily concerned with the human condition - the body and psychology and how we connect with the external world. She holds an MA in Visual Arts Practice from Ambedkar University, New Delhi, India, and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.


For the last 5 years she has been using sound as a primary medium and point of enquiry, exploring different environments through field recordings and using them as part of multi-layered compositions. Her solo project Lucifer Sky began in 2018 as an amalgamation of field recordings and distorted melodies as she navigates through new environments and psychological landscapes. The music encompasses immersive soundscapes oscillating between chaos and calm, a mix of experimental drone, noise and ambient. She uses a mix of field recordings, spoken word and composed sound using guitars, audio programming, synth, didgeridoo, Irish bouzouki keys, home made instruments and found objects. Another aspect of her work is performative live soundscapes wherein she creates multi-layered, ephemeral audio-environments, inspired by traditional ritual music but employing contemporary and experimental audio production and performative techniques. 


We are proud to introduce you to our Ginseng performance artist group †een▲ge G☻d who will be performing live from France at the Ginseng show. 


†een▲ge G☻d is an artists collective from Paris majorly inspired by various cults in the society such as - 


Britney Spears’ suicide cult.

Justin Bieber shot in the face by Genesis P-Orridge.

Doomsday supermarket pop mixed with sarin gas.


Mantra = There are 7 ways to clean hands, 7 ways to clean feet, 7 ways to clean hair, 7 ways to clean ears, 7 ways to clean teeth, 7 ways to clean tongues, 7 ways to clean eyes.


†een▲ge G☻d = Music + Video + Performance + Cult Worship


Daina Mohapatra (b.  20th july 1982 Balasore Odisha ,)

Based in New Delhi


Exhibited my works in many group shows including: 2021“PANDEMIC DAYS EMERGING STARS” Curated by Sangeeta Gupta at Prithvi fine art and cultural center. New Delhi.

यत्र नार्यस्तु International Women’s Day curated by Uma Nair. at Ngma New Delhi. Emami art Mentorship programme 1.3, Curated by Ushmita Sahu (2020);

National Exhibition of Art, Lalit Kala Akademi (2020); 

Rustic Footmarks at Durbar Hall Art Centre, Kochi (2020); 

Woman in Art at National Gallery of Modern Art (2019); 

Painting workshop with T V Sontosh by KOCHI BIENNALE FOUNDATION’S Master practice studio At PEPEER HOUSE, FORT KOCHI.(2018); 

United Art Fair.  Second Edition curate by Peter Nagy, New Delhi(2013); 

Indian Art Fair , Religare Arts Initiative. New Delhi,(2009)Holy Now, By Religare arts. I, Gallery27, LONDON. (2010), 

Connaught Place The Why Not Place by Religare Arts Initiative New Delhi (2009), among others.


Awarded Shrishti-AIF Grant Award, at Shrishti art Gallery Hydrabad,2020; 

179thPhakirmohan Jayanti, Phakirmohan Sahitya parishad, by Young Hearts, Odisha,2021; 


Bisnu Priya Devi Smruti Sanmana by Nirtya Sangita Kala Mandir, Odisha in 2019; and 

Uday Jena Phakirmohan Chitrakala Sanmana by Phakirmohan Sahitya parishad, Odisha in 2018


We are glad to introduce our UK based artist, Kimbal Bumstead, who creates art with multiple layers uniquely with sonic art too!


Let's know him more in his own words -


“I am an interdisciplinary artist from London, UK. My work is materials based and process led spanning painting, drawing, video, live performance and sonic art. My projects are usually participatory, sometimes solo, but always involve some form of connection with people and a place. I work with layers and traces; mark making and map making. I am fascinated by the idea that maps are not only representations of places, but also vessels for stories, fantasies and traces of lived experience. Places and spaces embody a multiplicity of layers – both physically and emotionally; traces of history are written into physical landscapes and personal experiences are etched into the imagination. My artworks explore the notion of layers and layering from conceptual and material perspectives by working with materials to tune in to embodied, sensory and emotional experiences.”

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