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         Charcoal Foundation is an organisation which is established to bring creative expressions and social work under one roof. It is an initiative taken by the educated, established and knowledgeable persons who are active in social reforming with their intellectual thoughts and good deeds. It is born out of a vision of creating an alternative art space where Artists from all over the world can come to practice , learn , show and experience different forms of art . It provides an opportunity to all artists and art lovers to join and work together for the betterment of the society. The main aim of the foundation is to bring awareness about the art and culture and positivity among all fields of Art expressions.

          This wonder idea about the platform came up from a creative mind who herself is an experienced Artist and an Intellectual person involved in various social works as well. Pratibha Sarkar an artist and an art educator currently residing in Noida dedicated her living space to artists and art enthusiasts to come and explore as a part of this project initially.

          The residence of an artist speaks about her creative vision and practice, welcoming others to share this space with, opens possibilities of dialogues. Charcoal FB is building up an artist community space, where creative minds practice different mediums of art can come together to develop a language of creativity, peace and harmony, Amidst the growing unrest and intolerance around the world the world, the inhouse artists feel the need of creating an expression, where thedifferences in views, opinion, perspective are accepted, discussed upon and celebrated. Artists practising in any mediums, forms or formats are encouraged to engage with the space.

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Click here to download the Press Note Document.

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